LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE is a premier Irish lifestyle website focused on Supporting Irish People & Irish Businesses.


It is estimated that over €4 BILLION is spent by Irish consumers on International online stores every year. Indeed Irish people are currently the biggest international online shoppers in the world with 84% choosing to buy from international sites (Source: The Irish Times). The reality is that Irish retailers are far behind their international counterparts when it comes to their online presence. Furthermore most Irish retailers cannot complete with the huge marketing spends that send these international sites straight to the top of the search engine listings.

The past year has seen a devastating blow to our economy and to Irish businesses. It is more important now than ever before that we make it our duty to support Irish at all times. My mission with this website is to showcase the best of what Irish retail has to offer while educating consumers and making it simple and easy for you to support Irish.


The four pillars of my website ‘Career’, ‘Fashion & Beauty’, ‘Food & Drink’ and ‘Lifestyle’. Last year an RTE report found that 63% of Irish people were unhappy in their jobs. As a certified personal and executive coach, my mission with my ‘Career’ series is to help you discover the root cause of dissatisfaction in your life and equip you with the skills and tools that you need to make monumental changes. My mission with all other categories is to help you discover the very best of what Ireland has to offer, bring you exciting lifestyle opportunities and challenges and to help you to support Irish at every opportunity.


My name is Marie Donnellan. Having spent 10 years working as a leader in the corporate world both domestically and internationally I thought that I knew everything there was to know about succeeding in life. A picture perfect career, a picture perfect car, a picture perfect family, a picture perfect life. However it was the devastating loss of my daughter in 2020 that taught me more than I had learned in a lifetime. How our lives feel is far more important than how they look. My mission in life is to honour my beautiful daughters memory by trying to help Irish people every day to truly feel happy in their lives and to throw ‘picture perfect’ out the window.