Why am I Unhappy?

In the first instalment of this Career Series we examined the 10 Signs that you need a Career Intervention

Today we will examine how to pinpoint the root cause of dissatisfaction in your life. Even if you think you know why you are unhappy, it may be a mask for something deeper. This simple exercise will help you to pinpoint the root cause.

The below tool is called ‘The Wheel of Life’. This is one of the most basic techniques used by life coaches worldwide to help you pinpoint problem areas in your live. This sample wheel is broken into 8 segments which represent the 8 key areas of our life: Career, Finances, Family, Relationships, Friends/Social, Recreation, Health & Fitness and Personal Growth.

Source: Top Results Academy

Step 1:

Using a pen and paper draw your own Wheel of Life. Feel free to edit the segment headings if you feel there is another key area that you want to include.

Step 2:

Give each area a rating from 1-10. This rating should represent how happy you currently feel in that particular area of your life.

Step 3:

When you are finished, start by looking at the highest scored segments (6+). For each area, jot down the key reasons why you are so content in this particular area. This will help you to establish some of your satisfaction drivers and it will also help you to feel grateful.

Step 4:

For the areas where you have scored lower (less than 6), jot down at least 5 bullet points as to why you are unhappy in that particular area of your life. Be 100% honest and push through any discomfort.

Step 5:

In those lower scored areas jot down/draw out what a high score would look like? What would have to be happening in that area of your life to get you towards a 10. You can also do this in some of the higher scored areas. But remember that it may be unrealistic to achieve a 10 in every area of your life! There is no issue with being perfectly content with a 7 or more in a particular area.

Step 6:

Identify each area in which you want to improve your overall satisfaction levels. Use your notes to jot down at least one goal in each area. Then jot down a high level action plan on how you are going to get there. Later in the series we will walk through a step by step guide to goal setting and action planning.

Next Steps

If you have noted blockage areas that you feel you cannot remove by yourself then I would advise you to engage with a certified coach. I am not currently offering 1:1 coaching sessions but there are numerous great coaches out there that can help to get you started on your transformation journey.

In completing this exercise you may discover that there are blockages in certain areas caused by traumatic events from your past. If this is the case, I would definitely recommend that you engage with a certified therapist. They can help you work through these issues in order to really move forward and truly excel in your life.

If you have found that one of the main causes of dissatisfaction in your wheel is work related, then please continue to follow my Career Series. In the next instalment we will explore whether you can make a significant change within your current role or whether it is time to move on, and what you really want to do with your life.


Lots of Love,


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  • Anna Lehane
    February 6, 2021

    Excellent breakdown Marie! I use this with clients so often, such a great tool – simple but very effective

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Why am I Unhappy?